Nobody knows the importance of keeping your business moving forward better than you. When it comes to office and corporate relocation, every interruption impacts revenue. Our job is to ensure a successful move with minimal road blocks. It all starts with Moving Stars’ commitment to understanding the underlying needs of your organization. Beyond boxes, tape and trucks, we offer strategic planning, trust and economy.

What sets Moving Stars Apart?
We’re a small business and that’s an asset. While larger moving companies promise big things, at the end of the day your business is still in number and just another job. If you want customer service with the industry’s leading perspectives on organizational relocation, you won’t find better than Moving Stars.

Relocation Services
Our Network of Relocation offices spans the country. With the logistic expertise and no corporate overhead, we can facilitate effective company employee relocations hassle free and affordably, with the best moving services in the country.

Allowable Moving Expenses for Employees:

● Packing and unpacking
● Additional freight charges for cars, trucks and recreational vehicles
● With special approval shipping charges for unusual items like sailboats or pool
● Installation of major appliances like stoves, fridge, air conditioner, washer, dyer etc.
● Tuning of your piano
● Turn-off of utilities at previous residence and connection cost for new utilities
● Move-related trash pickup
● Company reimbursement for storage of household articles for up to 30 days.

Moving Expenses NOT Allowed by Most Companies:

● Cost of transporting animals or livestock requires special approval.
● Cost of shipping the belongings of a second vacation home.
● Cost of moving a plane or boat by air or sea.
● Disassembly of a crafting workshop or shed.
● Cleaning/Repair of previous residence.
● Installation of locks

Always check with your company’s Human Resources department charged with relocation expense auditing. Many companies have unique policies and the list presented above does not, of course, offer a comprehensive list of coverage. Remember that while losses are covered by Moving Stars DOT insurance, this does not include all it

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